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Every day I am asked what is my political party.  I served in the U.S. Military for 24 years and as such, I represented all the U.S. citizenery.  I have kept that philosophy and will continue to serve all those in District 3 and Amador County.  Before I answer, I want everyone to know that being on the Amador County Board of Supervisors means functioning as a Non-Partisan.

    To you that means that I will:

  • Take all opinions and arguments into consideration. 
  • Using common sense and moral dictates.
  • Using all the best information that is available and provided to me to make decisions,
  • Growing, learning, and concentrating on not being opinionated except when it is for the good of all.
  • Listening to the people and doing my best to attend to your concerns and resolving problems that arise.
  • Listening to our County Council and City Officials so we understand common needs and goals.
  • Protecting budgets based on worst-case experiences, while still providing needed basic services and staff.

With that said, I can share that I am registered as a Republican and my core beliefs start from the conservative standpoint.  You will find that my military background has taught me to make quick, precise decisions when necessary.  However, I am analytical and prefer to reflect on experience, research issues, listen to other's opinions and experiences, consult the Constitution, local laws and common sense before making any decision.  I will strive to see things from all aspects and opinions - and that includes YOURS. 


Committee to Elect Jeff Brown D3 2018
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